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Project Description

Project Description:

Highly realistic wood effect tiles were supplied and installed to a 32m2 floor in Bledlow, buckinghamshire.

Our team commenced the job by moving all of the customers furniture to another room in the house. They then removed all carpets, thresholds and brick work around the fireplace. Once this stage was complete the chipboard floors were scraped clean and primed with tile primer. Due to the floors being chipboard and some minor movement present an anti crack matting was laid over the entire area and fixed with a highly flexible s2 adhesive. The following day the tile installation began with the team paying close attention to detail in ensuring the tile planks were laid in a manner which looked as realistic to wood boards as possible.

Once the 32m2 of tiles were laid the team created a small hearth using brushed black limestone slabs. The entire floor was then grouted with a highly flexible chocolate brown coloured grout.

Thresholds and gold trim around a matt well were then installed to add the finishing touch.

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